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Gas leak fixed in Princeton, Kentucky

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A leak is fixed, and crews are busy trying to restore gas to nearly 15 homes and business in Princeton, Kentucky.

Anthony Stallins, damage prevention specialist with Atmos Energy, says the leak happened Thursday morning. He says a local contractor was digging along West Market Street when he hit a 4 inch gas line.

"One of the things that we do is make sure the area is safe," says Stallins.

Stallins says they closed a portion of the road to keep people away from the gas leak.

Caldwell County Emergency Manager Joey McCaslin says they got the situation under control quickly. He says it could have been much worse if the business next door to the leak was open on Thursdays.

"There was gas building up in that barber shop," says McCaslin. "Well, if somebody were to go in and switch the light switch on, it could have caused a problem."

McCaslin says luckily no one was inside, and crews quickly shut off the electricity to prevent an explosion. He says this is the fourth time someone has ruptured a gas line in Princeton in the past six months.

"Some people don't call 811," says McCaslin. "If there's a mistake made and they hit it, they're not going to be responsible as long as they called and checked, and it was in a timely manor."

McCaslin says you have to call at least two days before you dig.

Stallins says it's simple, it's free and it's the law.

"Very important that people make those phone calls," says Stallins.

Stallins says they're still investigating the gas leak, trying to figure out if the called 811 before digging.

The business who hired the contractor wont release that company's name. They say they're trying to protect the contractor's reputation.

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