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Police say shots heard are blanks from World War II era ship

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After receiving multiple calls reporting shots fired from downtown Cape Girardeau, police want you to know what you're hearing are blanks fired from a World War II era ship docked at the Missouri town's riverfront. 

Police said Friday that the LST Memorial 325 is docked at the riverfront downtown. The ship shoots off blanks from time-to-time throughout the day while it's open for tours. They added that a propane cannon in the downtown area also shoots off from time-to-time throughout the day.

However, police said in a post to the department's Facebook page on Friday that Cape Girardeau communicators will continue to dispatch officers to the area when they get calls reporting shots fired. The police department says it just wants you to be aware that the is probably the source of the sound during daytime hours.

The police department says the LST Memorial 325 will be at Cape Girardeau’s riverfront for tours through Oct.3, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. For more on the tours, including rates and operating hours, click here.

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