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Local family living in Haiti braces for hurricane

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Chantry Carroll wishes he could reach through the phone and hug his parents, but he can't. His family is more than 1,500 miles away on a mission trip in Haiti.

Chantry is finishing his senior year at Murray State University.

"It's definitely hard to think about the severity of the storm and how many people are going to be affected, as well as the safety of my family, and then try to focus on the day to day things I have going on at school," says Chantry.

While Chantry is safe inside his home, his family had to evacuated theirs. His dad, Jason, doesn't know if they'll have a home to go back to.

"It's really close to the cliff, so that's why we came up here," says Jason.

Jason says the wind was so strong on Monday night, he thought the roof was going to fly off. Since then, he's been helping local Haitians clear trees from the roads.

"It was scary when we were cutting a tree. As soon as we got in the truck, another tree fell, and almost hit the truck," says Jason.

Jason says he's mainly worried for those living near the coast. He says locals there didn't believe this storm was a threat and refused to take shelter.

Chantry's mom, Jennifer, says she's looking forward to wrapping her arms around her oldest son when he comes to visit for Christmas, and Chantry feels the same way.

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