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I Am Local 6: Murray fire department hires first female firefighter

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She is Murray’s first female firefighter. Meet Shae McKinney. She says she's just glad to be doing what she's always dreamed of.

She now suits up in  Murray Fire Department gear, but McKinney says it was a lot of work to get to where she is now. She says: “I fell in love with it. You pretty much couldn't separate me from the station.”

McKinney volunteered and trained for years with the Calloway County Fire Department, but between the truck, the smoke, the hose, and serving the public, she says it was easy to keep working towards her dream of making this her career.

She says: “Swinging out of a three story window or diving on a ladder, it's just an adrenaline rush and you can’t beat it.”

McKinney had to pass the same physical test as every career firefighter in west Kentucky, and a Murray Fire Department written test.

The person who first lit that passion to be a firefighter was her dad, Calloway County Fire Chief Deputy Dwain McKinney. He says at first he was wary, but now he's just proud. He says: “If she sets her mind to it, she will do anything she wants to do.”

And McKinney is just glad she made it to the top. She says: “It’s what I’ve dreamed of my whole live.”

McKinney told me she studied and trained physically for years, and that equipment she trucks around is the same equipment the rest of the department carries.

The Mayfield Fire Department has one female firefighter. Paducah has hired three.

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