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No charges filed after report of person with gun at Murray State

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No charges were filed after Murray State University students and teachers got emergency notices Tuesday night that a person was seen with a gun on campus.

Tuesday night we told you the person had been identified and located. The investigation is now closed.

Murray State student Candace Alexander studies and enjoys lunch in a place that makes her feel safe. 

"Not much happens that you really need to be concerned about, so I feel really comfortable," Alexander said.

Sometimes too comfortable, and that's why she says she signed up for emergency alerts from campus police. On Wednesday, while on campus she received a notification about a person with a handgun near the Wellness Center. That came 45 minutes after police received the initial report.

"That's, like, unacceptable, because that's the whole reason we get texts, so it's like instant," Alexander said.

Murray State University Chief of Police Jamie Herring says police started writing the alert right when they got the report. Through interviews and an investigation, police identified the person and realized they live on campus.

"We delayed sending the message, because we had officers in the area, and we felt that sending the message at that time would have jeopardized the officers' safety," Herring said. 

It wasn't until after police went to the suspect's living space and didn't find him there that they sent out emails and texts alerting students of the situation.

"If circumstances had been normal and we didn't have any information at all, then we would have gotten the notice out within 20 minutes," Herring said.

Herring says he wouldn't change anything about the way the situation was handled.

Candace is just happy the situation is under control.

Herring says no weapon was ever found on the suspect, so no charges were filed.

Guns are not allowed on Murray State's campus as a policy. It's legal in Kentucky to open carry in general, but not in restricted areas. 

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