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Marshall county road leaders to demolish damaged Shar-Cal bridge

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Flood-damaged roads still mean dangerous areas. Marshall County's Shar-Cal bridge has been out since July’s flooding.

County leaders say the project has been approved for FEMA reimbursements, but sometimes those reimbursements take years. But county leaders say the safety concerns about the bridge have them wanting to act sooner rather than later.

The bridge keeps sinking into the river week after week, and Marshall County road leaders say, when people keep walking and riding 4 wheelers across, it makes the bridge an even bigger safety concern.

Marshall County Road Superintendent Wendy Greer says they wouldn't need to demolish the damaged Shar-Cal bridge, but people keep using it. She says: “There's not much holding the bridge period in place.”

And, considering the state of the bridge, Greer says they don't have much of an option. She says: “It's a safety hazard, and we just want people to stay off of it. That's one reason we're going on with the demolition.”

She's frustrated, because signs in place don't have the effect they should. Greer says the bridge is scheduled to be demolished in the spring, and they hope to start building the new bridge around that time.

The demolition will cost around $35,000. The county's working with a contractor to build a new concrete bridge in its place.

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