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Marshall County Schools explains drop in test scores

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The Marshall County school district is telling parents not to be concerned after a drop in test scores at some schools. Numbers released by the state last week show the district had some of the biggest declines in Kentucky on the yearly K-PREP tests.

Julie Curington works at Food Giant to afford to give her children an education. Her 17-year-old son goes to Marshall County High School.

"It has changed a whole lot. They're using iPads and all that other stuff at school," Curington said.

Curington said it's changing so much, she's not surprised scores at her son's school dropped.

"They don't get to bring home books. They honestly don't get to bring home homework. They have to do it all online, so it makes them hard to learn," Curington said.

Marshall County Schools Superintendent Trent Lovett also wasn't surprised by the scores.

"We knew there would be growing pains, and so far we've seen that a little bit," Lovett said.

In a notice posted to parents last week, he explained that the scores are a result of a new approach the district is taking. 

According to the notice: "The main instructional approach that was discussed in our research and observed at the schools we visited is called Project Based Learning, or PBL. This instructional strategy is launched by asking students to solve a problem, ideally this is a real world or authentic issue. This should not be a problem that students can just Google and find an answer."

"I feel like we will know standards much more in depth than just recalling and being able to memorize the facts," Lovett said. 

Lovett expects the scores to be up again once the school gets use to the new format. 

To see you child's school and district score, visit the school report card here.

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