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Ameren Illinois workers now not needed in Florida

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UPDATE: Marion-based Ameren spokesman Brian Bretsch called WPSD Local 6 Friday morning to say that Ameren Illinois employees will now not be heading to Florida.

About 150 employees were getting ready to head to the state to help with power outages due to Hurricane Matthew.

Bretsch said their assistance is currently not needed because the storm has not been as severe as many predicted.

ORIGINAL STORY: An Ameren Illinois spokesman tells us about 150 employees from throughout Illinois will go to Florida on Friday. 

Marion-based Ameren spokesman Brian Bretsch tells us a couple of trucks and linemen from the Marion area plan to leave for Florida around noon on Friday. 

They will head to Florida to join the relief effort for Hurricane Matthew. Thousands are without power there Thursday night, according to the Associated Press, has the storm approaches. Citing Florida Power and Light, the Associated Press says more than 30,000 people were already without electricity as of 9:30 p.m., ET. 

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