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Depth "critical" for Murray State this upcoming season

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Once Brion Sanchious tore his ACL in the second half of the season head coach Matt McMahon said the Racers basically had a six-man rotation and that it forced Murray State to change its game plan.

"Some of the injuries and things that happened from the depth standpoint it was our job as coaches to really design a style of play that best fit our personnel,” McMahon said. “It didn't make sense to play a breakneck pace with only six guys in."

Now with 11 eligible, healthy players in the preseason, the plan is to speed things up, even if roles have yet to be defined.

"This time of the year everybody is defining their role on the team,” senior guard Damarcus Croaker said. “Coach is not going to decide who plays, it's the players, so it's up to us in practice.”

And before those roles are defined McMahon says team chemistry should be good early in the preseason, and hopefully stays good as positions get filled later.

“We have 11 guys eligible this year, all 11 probably thinking they are starting… Chemistry is going to be good. Now we got to be in position as roles do get defined, we got to keep the chemistry good as guys see that obviously not all of them can play 30 minutes every night," McMahon said.

“If you can get your top rotation guys in that 30, maybe 32-minute a game area obviously that leaves plenty of minutes off the bench, so I think developing out depth seven-nine is going to be really critical with this year’s team."

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