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Knit-a-thon for Knitted Knockers

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Everyone has a connection to breast cancer, and the people whose friends and family have been diagnosed just want to help in some way. We told you about Knitted Knockers earlier this week-- a local charity to help women with breast cancer. A group of women have been diligently putting their knitting talents to use.

With pink on the tables, their shirts, and their knitting needles, women gathered for the first knit-a-thon to knit some knitted knockers. Knitted Knockers are comfortable prostheses for women who had mastectomies.

Knitter Valerie Pollard was drawn to the project because she sees how needed they are in the community, and wanted to do what she could to help. She says, “you don't realize what women go through and how difficult it is.”

Itty Bitty Knitty shop owner, Lisa Humphrey says this is exactly what she wanted to accomplish with today's knit-a-thon. She says, “to get the word out both to the women who need it the medical community and to knitters and crocheters.”

Humprey says she's surprised, amazed, and encouraged with how the newly-knitted charity has taken off here. She says, “There is a demand for this and what i want to do is fulfill that demand.”

But you don't need to come to an event like this to help. You can get your own pattern and turn your knitted knocker in here.

Because almost everyone knows someone affected by breast cancer. That's why they're helping one stitch at a time.

?Humphrey says she's offering discounts for yarn used to make the knitted knockers.

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