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Students reflect on effects of bullying for Safe Schools week

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Oct. 16 to 22 is Kentucky Safe Schools Week. A health class at Murray High School is using the week to get students writing about the effects of bullying.

Monday’s assignment may be a little more thought provoking than what Cadrian Dennis and her classmates are used to. Dennis wrote “When I was 12 years old I was a chunky kid, but I never worried about that until people started making fun of me for it,” she said. “There was a girl that said 'You're not fast enough, you weigh too much.' Those are things that happened every day that really kind of stuck with me.”

Stories like that are why Karen McCuiston is so excited about Kentucky Safe Schools Week. It helps start a conversation, she says. “We looked at the analytics on our website, and we realize what item that we really need to push during Safe Schools Week. and it seems like bullying always comes to the top.”

You can take the pledge to stop bullying here.

“When you talk about it, it makes everything better,” McCuiston says.

Dennis says bullying affected her by making her question herself. “Maybe I should look like that. Maybe I should dress like that,'" she says. "You know, things like that that make me doubt myself." She says she’s thankful to be at Murray High School. The bullying happened before she moved, and she says everyone at Murray High School has been very friendly.

She offered a pretty wise solution for a problem. She says she thinks every day: “It takes more effort to be mean to someone than it does to be nice. Even if you don't like that person, you don't have to be mean to them.”

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