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The success of the Columbia Theatre depends on you

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Beth Devillez is 93 years old and has lived in Paducah her entire life. When she was growing up, the Columbia Theatre was the place to be.

"I did see Gone With The Wind there," says Devillez. "I did see Wuthering Heights and all of the Bing Crosbys."

The area has changed a lot since Devillez was a kid, but she says it's nice to know the Columbia is still standing.

"Too many of our old buildings have been done away with, and I'm thrilled to death that they're going to save that one," says Devillez.

The Columbia Theatre has been empty in downtown Paducah for nearly 30 years, and Darlene Mazzone, board chair of the Paducah Art House Alliance, says she's on a mission to save the building.

"It's not just about coming to see a movie," says Mazzone. "It's about preserving this incredible landmark and boosting the economic viability of the downtown historic district."

Mazzone has some big dreams for this theater. She's picturing live music, plays, movies, weddings and parties. But, before Mazzone puts a plan into action, she wants to know what you think.

Landee Bryant-Greene says you can do that by filling out a simple online survey.

"We have several hundred responses already, and once we get this, it's going to be integrated into our master business plan for this project," says Bryant-Greene.

Bryant-Greene is the executive director of Maiden Alley Cinema. She says they've partnered up with the Columbia Theatre to help bring more shows and events to the area.

Mazzone says restoring the Columbia Theatre is a big project, and right now they don't have a time line on when it will be ready. She says an architect is currently working on a design. By the end of the year, construction companies can start bidding on the project.

Click here to take the survey.

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