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Students, professor weigh in after presidential debate watch party at Murray State

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A couple hundred Murray State University Students attended a watch party for the last presidential debate Wednesday. They told us what they thought and how they hope the candidates use these final three weeks before Election Day.

"I hope that both candidates will be able to talk about their ideas and their visions for the country,” Murray State marketing senior Richard Elver said. Elver closely watched and listened to Wednesday's debate.

"I wish there was less talk about sort of side personal issues,” Elver said.

For much of tonight's debate, both candidates addressed issues including appointments to the Supreme Court, to the Second Amendment, abortion and immigration. 

Elver considers himself an independent voter, but he said he is supporting Hillary Clinton.  "I feel there's very little Donald Trump I've heard that's actually actionable,” Elver said.

Sophomore Morgan Archer is supporting Trump, but he says both need to act more presidential and end the interrupting and name calling. "I feel like they are being pretty much two children,” Archer said.

Archer said after tonight, he wants to hear more about the policies. "They're not focusing on the main issues like they should be,” he said.

Political Science Professor Dr. Drew Seib said the debate did little to sway undecided voters. He says in the final 20 days, most voters have already made up their minds, and it all comes down to who votes.

"It's not about changing someone's mind anymore,” Seib said. “It's about turnout."

Seib said the debates have little effect on the polls, maybe moving 2 percentage points for the candidates. So, the final outcome will all depend on who turns out to vote, and who stays home.

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