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Nurse who helped baby found in dumpster testifies

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The trial continues for the parents of a baby found in a dumpster in July of 2015.

The nurse who treated the newborn after it was found took the stand on Tuesday. She confirmed that it was a baby girl.

Looking at the pictures, she explained that the infant had just been born about three weeks earlier.

She says the newborn had to be treated for mild to moderate hypothermia. Her breathing was also a concern to the nurses.

"She was showing some signs of respiratory distress. She was doing something called retracting where she's using extra muscles in and around her ribs to fully inflate her lungs," said Baptist Health NICU Nurse Morgan DeMyer.

The infant stayed in Baptist Health's NICU for a week. The parents, 18-year-old Trevon Elmore and 16-year-old Casside Cherry face three felony charges including attempted murder.

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