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Prosecution rests, defense begins in trial for teens accused of leaving baby in dumpster

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Day two of the trial of two teens accused of leaving their baby in a dumpster ended Tuesday, and the case is expected to be sent to a jury on Wednesday. Jurors will decide whether 18-year-old Trevon Elmore and 16-year-old Casside Cherry are guilty of three felonies, including attempted murder.

On Tuesday, we heard from a number of witnesses, including detectives and nurses. The prosecution wrapped up its case, the defense started calling witnesses to the stand.

Attorney Richard Null says his client, Cherry, suffered seizures and was in a dazed state after giving birth to a baby girl found inside a dumpster in Paducah in July 2015. On Tuesday in court, Null worked to prove to a jury his client had pre-eclampsia, a condition that can cause dangerous complications in pregnancy and can cause seizures after a women gives birth.

"She was screaming and hollering, saying 'Mom, I think Casside had a seizure,' and I said call 911," Casside cherry's mother Della Cherry said. Della was emotional as she described the night she got a call from her oldest daughter.

Della testified that she was told Casside had a seizure the same night members of law enforcement searched for the person who put the infant in a dumpster.

McCracken County Detective Matt Carter testified about an interview of Elmore, saying "he was cooperative and polite, but denied knowing anything about any of that."

Carter said detectives tracked Elmore down after Carter got a call from paramedics responding to Casside's seizure. Carter told the court he eventually got Elmore to admit he put the baby in the dumpster.

"He took the baby, wrapped it up in this blanket, and subsequently put it in the black garbage bag and took it to the dumpster," Carter said.

Elmore's attorneys say he was driven by fear and never meant to harm the baby.

The defense will wrap up its case on Wednesday. Elmore's public defender says the teen is planning to testify.

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