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Parents of newborn found in dumpster testify

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The parents of a newborn found in a dumpster told courtroom their side of what happened the day their baby was found.

In day three of their attempted murder trial, the baby's father, Trevon Elmore testified.

He says his girlfriend Casside Cherry told him to "get rid" of the baby after she gave birth to it in July 2015.

He explained that at the time, putting the baby in a dumpster right outside a business seemed like his best option.

Before his testimony, Cherry explained she blacked out after having the baby.

"I remember Trevon was sitting on the edge of my bed and he said then said 'I think you just had seizure' or something like that and I remember I don't know if I said anything back but then after that I remember going into seizure again... next thing I know I remember waking up in the hospital," said Casside Cherry.

Elmore and Cherry face one to 20 years in prison.

The case is expected to go to the jury Wednesday.

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