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Claims of raw sewage being pumped into local creek

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CADIZ, Ky. -

Could raw sewage be seeping into a local lake? John McCoy thinks so. He says the city of Cadiz, Kentucky, is pumping human waste and other chemicals from your home into a nearby creek that flows into the Little River. The river empties into Lake Barkley.

The city says one of the sewage lift station pumps broke, which caused it to overflow. A spokesperson with the city says the problem is now fixed.

McCoy says he saw the sewage leaking on Saturday. Then on Wednesday, he took a picture, which he says shows the city pumping the waste into a nearby creek.

"They were taking this four-inch pump, pumping out of this holding tank and into the creek," says McCoy. "I couldn't believe that they were actually doing it again."

McCoy says it happens several times a month. His daughter, Becky McCoy-Boyd, says she won't let her kids play outside because of the raw sewage.

"It's not safe," says McCoy-Boyd. "It's not safe for them to play outside."

McCoy-Boyd says the smell is unbearable.

"The smell, I mean, it's worse than being in a barn with manure all around you," says McCoy-Boyd. "It's just sickening. It makes you sick to your stomach."

"They should be having pump trucks in here pumping it out and trucking it out to the sewer plant rather than dumping it into our waterways," says McCoy.

The city says it doesn't own a pump truck. It hires a contractor for that, which is how they removed some of the waste on Thursday.

McCoy says Thursday wasn't soon enough. Most of the sewage was already in the creek, because of the overflow and the pumping.

The Kentucky Division of Water investigated on Thursday. On Friday, a spokesperson tells us there's enough evidence to issue two violations to the city of Cadiz: one for not reporting the incident as quick as they could have, and the other violation for degrading the waters of the commonwealth.

The Kentucky Division of Water says its not concerned about the water quality in Lake Barkley, but it says investigators will be following up.

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