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Multiple damage reports from hail in Local 6 region

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State Farm Agent Chad Cochran in Murray, KY State Farm Agent Chad Cochran in Murray, KY

Monday’s hail storm caused damage to many homes and cars in the Local 6 region.

We’ve received photos and video of large hail from Murray, Almo, Cold Water, and New Concord in Calloway County, Aurora in Marshall County, from in Farmington in Graves County, and South Fulton, Tennessee.

We reached out to several insurance agents moments after the hail passed. This is what we’ve learned so far:

Graves County Farm Bureau – no calls
Marshall County Farm Bureau – no calls
Benton, Kentucky, Shelter Insurance – one to two calls
Benton, Larry Krause State Farm – no calls
Calloway County Farm Bureau – three calls
Chad Cochran State Farm – eight to nine calls
Ryan Walker State Farm – three calls

Most agents I spoke with say the bulk of calls will come in Tuesday after the rain passes and the sun is out. Chad Cochran says the size of this hail is what caused the influx of calls. “If it's golf ball size and bigger, typically it can cause damage, certainly to an older roof,” he said.

Most calls are about roof damage, according to Cochran. If you’re concerned that your roof may or may not have been damaged, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) says trees and plants are a good way to tell. If they were impacted by falling hail, there’s a good probability that your roof could be, too.

Cochran recommends you always have your deductible on hand.

Immediately after a storm, Cochran says you should patch or cover holes or cracks left by damage, so it doesn’t spread.

Cochran also says many homeowners won’t get the full cost of a new roof if it’s badly damaged. A roof depreciates over time. “You may have a 10-year-old roof and it may cost $10,000 to replace it. But you're only going to get, if they determine that the age of it is half gone, they're going to give you half that value,” he said.

FLASH experts also say if you know hail is coming, close your blinds or drapes to keep glass from blowing inside. 

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