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Organ donation brings families together

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April is "Donate Life Month" which helps promote awareness for organ donation. Former McCracken County basketball standout Kam Chumbler tragically died in 2015, and he donated his organs helping four people live.

As a basketball player, Kam brought immeasurable joy to McCracken County fans. As an organ donor, Chumbler brought immeasurable joy to four people and their families who received gifts they weren't sure were coming.

The recipient of Kam's pancreas, Fallon Long says, "One simple heroic choice can change the lives of so many people and knit so many different families together. Kam saved my life. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him."

Kam's father, Michael, was the guest of honor at the University of Louisville Hospital's celebration of "National Donate Blue and Green Day." He says, "As a parent, when you lose your child, your biggest fear is that someone is going to forget your child. Kam accomplished a whole, whole lot in basketball. But nothing compared to this. Nothing. I don't have to worry about his legacy living on because these people, my new family, they honor him. His legacy will live on."

Michael also got to meet the man who received his son's heart. That man didn't want to have their meeting recorded on video but Michael says it's a meeting that he'll never forget. He adds, "When I heard his heart beat again, yeah...he let me hear it. That'll always be with me."

If you would like to sign up to be an organ donor, click here.

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