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Hazardous debris floating where you're boating

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It's a gorgeous day. John Lott says he's eager to get his boat out on the water.

"We're just going to take it easy," says Lott. "Take it slow."

Marshall County Emergency Management Director Curt Curtner says recent flooding has swept more debris into Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, creating a potential hazard for boaters.

"It's hard to see things if they're submerged," says Lott. "You've got to be able to manage the risk, which might include slowing down compared to the speed you might normally take when you're out on the lake."

Lott says with all the extra debris floating in the water, he's not going to allow people to tube or ski behind his boat. If you're planning to do that, Lott suggests scoping out the area, making sure you know what you're getting your family into.

"It's good to be aware of the fact that there is in fact debris out there," says Lott.

The water levers at Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake are expected to be about four feet above typical summer levels. Marshall County Emergency Management says both lakes will be on a slow drawdown for the next several day.

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