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Talking to kids about severe weather


Is your child scared of severe weather? If so, they’re not alone. In fact, severe weather phobias makes the top 20 list of what kids fear most.

Eliot Acree is one of those kids. Like most 6 year olds, he loves to play with toys, but severe weather terrifies him.

“As soon as he hears thunder and lightning, he starts running to me or his mom,” says Jason Acree, Eliot’s father.  

“They hear thunder. They see lightning. They may hear the wind. So, just the idea of the unknown, of what could happen next, is frightening,” says Jenny Linville, a licensed professional counselor associate.

Linville says it’s important for parents to remain calm during severe weather.

“We just hold him, and try to comfort him, and try to explain what going on as best as we can,” says Acree.    

“Let your kids learn about storms, learn about weather, learn what’s happening in a safe space,” says Linville.

What should you do if none of this works for your child?

“As a parent, you realize after a couple of years your kid is still very frightened of storms, you might want to seek some professional help,” says Linville.

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