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Charting the Future of Charter Schools

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed a bill allowing charter schools into law in March.  All day Monday, Local 6's Leah Shields, Ashley Sanchez, and Brianna Clark are showing us how this could impact your child’s education.

On Local 6 at Five:

Charter schools are coming to Kentucky, but many people are still confused on what exactly a charter school is. They are public schools that are given freedom with their curriculum. They aim to tailor learning to a community’s specific needs.

At 5 p.m., Local 6’s Leah Shields will show us what kind of students in our area could benefit from individualized learning.

On Local 6 at Six:

At 6 p.m., Local 6's Brianna Clark is finding out how charter schools could impact your children's education, even if they don't attend a charter school. She'll show us why charters schools in your area could mean less money for your child's traditional public school. 

On Local 6 at Ten: 

Charter schools are now allowed in Kentucky, but it could be years before any open in the state.  They’re already impacting the way schools teach your children. At 10 p.m., Local 6’s Ashley Sanchez takes a closer look at how charter schools inspired one school district to change its curriculum and the options that are already available to your child.

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