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Local young author wins competition with Alzheimer's poem

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A local middle schooler is one of the winners in KET's 2017 “Young Writers Contest.” 

There were more than entries and Carlie Griffith of Lone Oak Middle School won first place among 7th graders for a poem she wrote.
What’s even more amazing is she wrote about Alzheimer’s with such passion and empathy— without a firsthand connection to the disease.
Carlie great-grandfather had Alzheimer’s but she was too young to remember it.  
"My mom always talks about how sad it was to have re-explain to him who she is every day," she says.

Then one day in Health class, the teacher was discussing Alzheimer’s.
"It really hit me and I was dang, people really do go through this.  And an incredible wave of sadness just came over me," Carlie tells us.  "So I just got out a piece of paper and a pencil and I just started writing whatever came into my head.  I just kept writing and writing and then I had my poem."

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and Carlie wants us all to be aware. 
"People should know what it is because it’s just incredibly sad, I don’t know, it just took my heart when she started talking about it and I just started writing about it," she adds.

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