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Temporary campgrounds in Jackson County, IL need to be registered before solar eclipse

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Property owners in Jackson County, Illinois looking to allow camping on their property for the upcoming solar eclipse are being reminded that they need to register as a temporary campground.

In February, the Jackson County Board passed the temporary campground ordinance that established minimal standards for temporary campgrounds in the county.

You only need to register for a temporary campground if you are establishing the campground for monetary gain.

Temporary campgrounds will require garbage collection, emergency care, parking, and toilet facilities among other things. You can read the full ordinance here.

The Jackson County Health Department is encouraging anyone planning to submit a registration form to do so before July 31. This will allow plenty of time to review the application and inspect the campground.

Campground owners are also encouraged to reserve portable toilets if that has not yet been done.

You can register a temporary campground by clicking here. It costs $20 to register a temporary campground.

A FAQ on temporary campgrounds is also available by clicking here.

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