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Seminars teach human trafficking intervention ahead of solar eclipse events

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Knowledge is power, and it can be helpful when trying to look for something that tends to be hidden in plain sight. 

"You need to know what those awareness signs are in general, because it's happening right underneath our noses," Nikki Coursey said. Coursey is a member of the Kentucky Attorney General's Human Trafficking Task Force. 

Attorney General Andy Beshear and others are pounding the pavement, leading seminars and informing the public about what human trafficking is, what signs to look for, and what the community can do to combat the issue. 

"We need people to recognize it and report it. All children are children of God, equal in his or her eyes, and we have an obligation to every single one of them to keep them safe," Beshear said.

First responders, medical workers, and school employees learned about the signs of human trafficking and how they could intervene. 

This is a situation where parents may be selling their kids out for rent money or for drug money. This is something that siblings could be doing the same thing and it's not just sex trafficking, it's also labor trafficking," Coursey said. 

Monday's seminars come just under a month before the solar eclipse, and it's no secret that human trafficking increases during major events. Attorney General Beshear says the eclipse event should be enjoyable and safe for all who want to attend. 

"This deserves to be an amazing tourist opportunity for this community and we are not going to let criminals tarnish it in any way," Beshear said. 

For more information on human trafficking and what you can do, click here

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