Connecting With Your Children

What the Tech: Disturbing Youtube Videos

Imagine that your child is searching YouTube for their favorite cartoon character, instead of seeing a legitimate video they’re seeing disturbing images of characters doing unspeakable things.

Doctor delivers baby while in labor herself

(WLEX) When Leah Halliday Johnson went into labor, she had no idea that the doctor who'd deliver her baby was actually on the maternity ward floor ready to give birth herself.

Buckle up: Car seat guidelines updated

The American Academy of Pediatrics have recently updated its guidelines on car seats and made it even easier for parent to use the right car seat for every age.

Parents worried by new Snapchat feature

The popular photo app Snapchat recently launched a new feature called Snap Map. It's a quick and easy way to share your location with your followers. But, some parents wonder if the feature...