Health & Wellness

Staying healthy in a germy work environment

How do you keep yourself and your family healthy when so many around you are under the weather? Is it better to be reactive or proactive? Workers at Paducah Bank have taken this approach: Getting sick is inevitable.

Learn to save a life in five minutes

Fear of performing CPR incorrectly may ward off those who could potentially help. Now, an innovative solution is giving people the confidence and skills they need to save lives.

Life-saving eye exams

Clear vision isn't the only reason to get an eye exam. They can also reveal serious medical issues including high blood pressure and diabetes.

Brain Training For Risk-Taking Teens?

Neuroscientists studying the teenage brain say that when a teen is surrounded by peers, he or she is more likely to push the boundaries and take chances. Researchers say there may be some steps parents and their teens can take to reduce risk-taking behavior.

Parents: Are You Too Supportive?

Parents are told to support their kids academically, emotionally, and socially. But now a new study shows you can overdo it when it comes to support.

Congenital Heart Disease: Addy's fight

Two-year-old Addy Rogers passed away last month from complications from a brain injury while she was waiting for a heart transplant. "Addy was the happiest baby ever," her mom, Kristi Rogers, said. "Her heart was just tired."