Big Swing Brings Back Warmth


Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Rukavina

Our weather always seems to come in stark big swing changes. The "deep freeze" arrived on January 1st in time to ring in the New Year. For 10 days, our daytime highs didn't climb above the freezing mark of 32, thus landing us at the 3rd longest stretch of extreme cold in the Paducah area and giving us our first measurable snow.

On day 11 we broke through the freezer barrier and have now seen the weather pattern swing in the direction of above average temperatures...even reaching a high of 53 degrees at the weather center on Thursday. "Normal" for this time of the year is around 42 degrees. For the next several day (at least 7) we are expecting highs in the mid to upper 40's and even some 50's.

Here is a comparison of how the two weather patterns stack up...

January 8, 2010January 14, 2010










The left image shows the arctic air that was continuing to spread southward out of Canada during the coldest time across our region.The right graphic shows the change in the weather pattern with milder temperatures spreading northward from the Southern Plains.

Long range weather models, similar to the two shown above, indicate that the milder weather pattern will persist for the next week, if not longer with active storm system crossing the mid and deep South. With this being said, it looks like we will be holding on for a while before any chance of snow makes it way back into the forecast. Many times when our region swings into an abnormally warm weather pattern during the winter, strong storms follow. Nothing up to this point or for the near future indicates such, but is worth keeping in mind beyond the normal 7-day extended forecast.