FEMA denies Harrisburg aid appeal

An image taken in Harrisburg Wednesday morning. Image courtesy Chris Davis.


Web Editor - Michael Vick

HARRISBURG, Ill. — FEMA has denied Harrisburg, Illinois' appeal for aid that would help with storm recovery in the tornado-hit city.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency said the decision came down Wednesday.

Governor Pat Quinn released a statement Wednesday that reads in part, "I am very disappointed with this decision and do not believe it reflects the reality and devastation on the ground. I remain committed to obtaining any and all assistance available to help our southern Illinois communities recover."

Quinn said the state is submitting a request to the U.S. Small Business Administration seeking low-interest loans that will help people rebuild.

He said staff from IEMA will meet with a recovery specialist from FEMA region five Thursday to go over other options that could provide assistance to those in need.