Flash flooding closes downtown South Fulton, Tennessee


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

SOUTH FULTON, Tenn. - Flash flooding caused massive problems in South Fulton, Tennessee, including the closure of downtown.

Businesses in homes in that area of the city were evacuated and Fire Chief David Wilds reported three children and a woman rescued from the porch of their home. He said no one reported any injuries.

The parking lot at the town's strip mall also flooded.  The water rose about halfway up the tires on multiple cars in the parking lot off Broadway Street and about three inches inside the shops.

Co-Owner of the complex Sam Hancock said they usually remove the grates over the drains to help water flow, but even that didn't help. Employees kept doors sealed shut in an effort to save their stores.

That stretch of road is open, but the sheriff's office confirms many of the side streets are closed due to flooding.

Officials are asking people in the area to stay home if they can.  For those that can't, a shelter has been set up at South Fulton First Baptist Church.

An estimated three to four inches of rain fell on the city in less than an hour.