Heading out for some fun in the sun? There's an app for that


Web Editor - Michael Vick

Just in time for summer vacation, there are new apps out there to help you and your family have a fun, safe time outside.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Sunwise app gives the daily and hourly forecast for UV rays wherever you are.  

The Suntan Watcher app for iPhone can remind you to turn over, reapply sunscreen or check on the kids, all with the help of an alarm.

The S-O-S app from the American Red Cross for Android has quick answers for immediate safety concerns, everything from bug bites to barbecue burns.

One place many of us plan to go to is the beach. The Beach Finder app offers a searchable database of beaches near you or helps you plan places you want to visit.

The Park 'N Find app for the iPhone lets you tag your location, then shows a map to help you find a parking spot at amusement parks and airports.

If you play the old favorite license plate game while on the road, there's an iPhone app that will track the plates you find, log your visits and look up information on the different states as well.