Leap Day tornado claims another life

An image taken in Harrisburg Wednesday morning. Image courtesy Chris Davis.


Web Editor - Michael Vick

HARRISBURG, Ill. — Another person died Thursday from injuries sustained in the tornado that struck Harrisburg Feb. 29.

The total fatalities related to the tornado now stands at eight.

R. Blaine Mauney, 74, of Harrisburg, died May 31 at a family residence in Harrisburg. Mauney lived at 401 S. Texas in Harrisburg prior to the tornado and suffered major injuries during the tornado.

Mauney had been in several hospitals since the due to his injuries.

The other seven killed were Randy Rann, 64, Donna Rann 61, Jaylynn Ferrell, 22, Mary Osman, 75, Linda Hull, 74, Greg Swierk, 50, and Donald Smith, 70.