Roof torn off mobile home in Marshall County


Executive Producer - Josh Morgan
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall


MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky.- While the National Weather Service has yet to confirm whether Tuesday night's storm was a tornado, if you ask Vickie Taylor, she'll tell you it was.

"I still feel it right now (the noise and trembling). I haven't actually gotten over the last one yet," she said.

Taylor is talking about the tornado in 2005. She was also home when it hit and says the similarities are scary, although this storm was worse. 

"Of course none of them make you feel good, but this has been my worst," she said.

Tuesday, Vickie was with her niece Amber. They took cover in the living room while pictures fell off the wall around them, but once the wind stopped they learned they were hit harder than they thought. 

 "The leaks started one here one there, then after you have so many of them they were all over the house in a matter of minutes," she said.

Vickie and Amber went room to room putting pots and pans under the leaks, but then Vickie's brother in law cam running over from across the street. "I did okay until he told me I didn't have a roof on my trailer."

The wind peeled off the entire roof. Some of it was in the yard, but most of it was up in trees. The metal carport was also picked up and thrown about 300 yards from the property.

Taylor says although it's hard to start over again and replace her house, she's thankful to be alive to do it.

"I cant praise God enough for saving our lives." 

The house isn't covered by insurance, but the Red Cross is assisting the Taylor's.


High winds peeled off the roof of a mobile home in the Fairdealing area of Marshall County Tuesday night. The metal carport was also blown about 300 yards from the property.

Two people were inside at the time, an aunt and her niece.  Thankfully, they were not injured.

The Red Cross was on the scene late last night and is giving the family a place to stay for the night.  They will return to the home tomorrow to asses other needs the family will have moving forward.