2014 Weather & Climate Summit

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Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Rukavina

Join Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Rukavina from January 13-17th for the 2014 Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit in Breckenridge, Colorado. The week long conference will feature the latest in weather and climate research in addition to training workshops.

Every day of the conference will feature live streaming of each workshop and speaker. Jennifer will be interacting with viewers during the live streams and will take questions for the speakers live and after the streaming. After daily sessions, live web interviews will be streamed to answer more questions.


For a direct link to the live streaming, click here.

Interviews from the 2014 Weather & Climate Summit:

Tuesday 5pm Live Shot: New research in tornado development and rapid-scan radar use and the challenges of winter weather forecasting with Paul Kocin with the Weather Prediction Center. Click Here.

Wednesday 6pm Live Shot: Explaining the difference between weather and climate and their respective models. Interview with Jim White from the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at Colorado University. Click Here.

Interviews from the 2013 Weather & Climate Summit:

Wednesday 6pm Live Shot: Coverage of Weather Ready Nation and interview with Chris Strager click here.

Thursday 5pm Live Shot: Live interview with Arctic Climate Change researcher, Jennifer Francis, click here.

Interviews from the 2012 Weather & Climate Summit:

Tuesday 5PM Live Shot: Live Interview with Severe Weather Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes, click here.

Wednesday 6PM Live Shot: Interview with WSI seasonal forecaster Dan Leonard, click here.

Thursday 6PM Live Shot: Interview with NOAA climate specialist Eileen Shea, click here.

 To submit questions to Jennifer Rukavina, send an email to jrukavina@wpsdlocal6.com.