Understanding Our Changing Climate


Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Rukavina

The heated debate over climate change leads to many viewer questions into our weather center. With the help of Earth Gauge, I have put together a few short video explanations concerning climate change and how it plays a role in our everyday weather.

To Read the 2009 State of the Climate report released on Thursday, which shows that the past decade was the warmest on record, click here.


Video #1: Climate and Weather: The Pinball Maze Analog.  This 30-second video explains the relationship between climate and weather.


Video #2: Climate: Extreme Weather & Flood.  This 45-second video shows how changing climate has played a role in enhancing extreme weather events.


Video #3: Climate: Heavy Rain Trends.  This 40-second video explains how our changing climate has increased the frequency of heavy rain events.


Video # 4: Climate and Weather: Stock Market Analogy. This 30-second video will explain the relationship between climate and weather.


Video #5: The Sun's Role in Climate Change. This 60-second video shows us how the sun only makes up a small percentage of long-range warming on our planet.


Video #6: Climate: Did Warming Stop in 1998? This 60-second video explains how "cooler" years factor into making a warmer climate in the long term.


This past January I was able to meet some of the scientists who have been studying climate change for decades at the Steamboat Springs Weather Summit. The following is a package that I put together while I was there. It shows how research this summer will give scientists even more clues to how climate has changed in the past, and how it may in the future.

Click Here to watch the full video package called, "Digging to Future Climate".