David Jones

David Jones is a 1993 Graduate at McKendree College, majoring in political science is not your typical restaurateur. Although he claims his studies serve him well in the hospitality industry, he always came back to his first love, serving others and sharing in the joy of a great culinary experience.

Artisan Kitchen will soon be celebrating its 10 year anniversary. It is a unique cohesion of businesses organically developed over the years. Catering, Take-out, Deli, and Bakery with the Artisan Kitchen Café as the newest edition at the 1700 block of Broadway. Artisan Kitchen also does cooking classes on a regular basis. 

A little more than 2 years ago he partnered with his best friend and Executive Chef Karla Lawrence in opening Shandies Restaurant and Bar in downtown Paducah. David is a very hands-on oriented person. He has developed knowledge and experience in all parts of the businesses from bookkeeping, creating an entire event from the venue to the entertainment, to putting the final glaze on a dessert .

You will find him working in all aspects of the businesses. He is a busboy, dishwasher, chef, coordinator, decorator, designer, waiter, baker, event planner, and much more. His dedication to his staff and customers and community is unmatched and his strive for excellence is evident in all he does.                    

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