Investigation underway into Kentucky Lake boat fire

Four people remain in the hospital after a boat caught fire Sunday on Kentucky Lake.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officers tell us 1-year-old Damion McCool and 21-year-old Mariann McCool from Roseburg, Oregon, are in stable condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Marion Olson from Stark, Kansas, is in stable condition there. McKenzie Potter of Gilbertsville is recovering at Baptist Health Paducah. Two others, David Weir and Gina Stovall were released from Lourdes Hospital.

While they all suffered burns, the resort's owner says he's thankful it wasn't worse.

A Marshall County sheriff's boat pulled what was left of the burned boat to the shore Monday, a day after a fire at Moors Marina and Resort.

"We've never seen anything like this down here at all," boat owner Sheridan Beard said.

Beard and his wife, who've been going to the marina for 28 years, looked on as crews worked to pull the boat from the water.

"It always makes you concerned," Beard said.

The resort's owner, Mark Wood, says the fire started when the boat's driver put the key in the ignition. 

"This hot and humid and stagnant (weather). All those gas fumes just hover," Wood said.

Employees at the Marina say the boat pulled up to a gas pump after having mechanical issues. Wood says they filled up on gas and about 15 minutes later; that's when the fire started.

"It had nothing to do with the fueling of the boat. It had something to do with the spark in there," Wood said. 

Wood says he's thankful the situation wasn't worse. 

"You can see how congested it is there, and aside from folks being hurt badly, it could have reached out and burned a lot more stuff," Wood said.

It's leaving boat owners like Beard on their toes.

"It's just one of those fluke things that happened, but it sure makes you think about it," Beard said.

Once the boat was pulled out of the water, it was put on a trailer. It will now be inspected by state fire marshals.