Be On The Lookout: Two recent burglaries may be connected

In this week's Be On The Lookout, police say two home burglaries within a block of each other may be connected.

The crimes happened in the 400 block of West College Street and the 500 block of South University Avenue. Carbondale Police say similar details were reported by each of the victims involved.

In the West College incident, which happened on July 17, the victim says they woke up to a black man wearing a black tank top standing in the bedroom door. When the victim asked what he was doing there, he said he was looking for someone, then ran away. Personal property was missing from the home. 

In the South University case, the victim also woke up to someone trying to open their door. When the victim confronted that suspect, also described as a black man, he said he was looking for someone, then left the house.

Anyone with information can contact the City of Carbondale Police Department at 618-457-3200. You can also call the Carbondale/SIU Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at 618-549-COPS (2677) or the Murphysboro/Jackson County anonymous tip line at 618-687-COPS (2677).  

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