Yes votes win wet/dry election in Marshall County

The wet/dry vote is over, with the yes votes winning in the unofficial final tally.

With all 25 precincts reporting, the number of yes votes stands at 6,431. The number of no votes stands at 6,229.

The yes vote means both package and by the drink sales will be allowed across the county.

Marshall County has been dry since a special election 77 years ago.

In 2012, Calvert City voted to sell liquor by the drink.

 Local 6's Juliana Valencia spoke with both sides after the unofficial total to see how they felt about Marshall County voting yes by 202 votes.

Keith Travis with Say No Now says he doesn't feel it's a loss because they did all they could to educate the public on why to vote no.

"I'm  disappointed in the outcome, but we worked hard. We feel like we put everything into the election to educate and inform the public and when you do that and you feel like you've done the best you could I don't think we lost in the event," Travis said.

Randy Newcomb with Vote Yes, says he's still in shock, but thankful for everyone who came out to vote either yes or no.

"I'm pleased. I'm very happy that the citizens of Marshall County got out for this election. I'm still in shock, surprised, but overall I'm very happy for the county's future." Newcomb said.

Newcomb said it typically takes about 60 days or more to get the process started so it'll still could be a while before there are alcohol sales in Marshall County. Once the county becomes wet though it'll be the 41st county  in the state of Kentucky out of 120 to sell alcohol.
Marshall County Clerk Tim York says he's going to be picking up the rest of the voting machines Wednesday. The County Board of Elections will be meeting soon to make the votes official, but York says he does not expect to see any changes on the outcome.

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