Students, administrators question validity of PARCC testing

Schools in one local state recently got their test scores back, only to find nearly everyone failed.

Thirty-three percent of Illinois students passed the PARCC test, which tests how ready your child is for college and careers.

The results of the PARCC test have local students and administrators questioning the validity of the test.

Students at Vienna High School averaged a 21 on their ACT, the second best score in southern Illinois, but only 28 percent of students at Vienna passed the PARCC test. 

That has Superintendent Josh Stafford questioning whether he should read into these results or simply close the book.

"We don’t base curriculum decisions on the next educational reform bandwagon,” said Stafford.  “We base our curriculum decisions on discussions with local universities, colleges, and local employers."

Stafford says even if he could use PARCC to make a change, it’s too late in the school year, which makes him question if the two-week test was a waste of time.

"A good assessment should indicate some good instruction going on in our classroom,” said Stafford. “We don’t need 10 assessments to determine that."

"It’s kind of a waste of time," said Amanda Ferguson.

However, because the Illinois State Board of Education is funding PARCC and not the ACT test this year, it appears the test is here to stay.

We reached out to members of the Illinois State Board of Education to get their take on PARCC testing and the results, but they haven’t responded.

If you want to get a look at how your child’s school performed on the PARCC test, click here.