Keith Griffith talks about killing his wife in Friday episode of Dateline

The death of Julie Griffith inside her Reidland home not only became an interest among local media but, two years after the fire and guilty plea from her husband Keith, the case is headed to prime time. The story will be reported by Dateline correspondent Dennis Murphy Friday night.

"As we got into it, it became a more darker story of, I think of it as the treachery, the deceit that was shown by Keith Griffith," Murphy told us during an interview about the case. 

Dateline showed an interest in the case before Griffith’s first murder trial. We worked with them to provide video as they dove deeper into the case. Murphy even sat down with Griffith.

"One of my first questions to Keith in the jail was ‘Why are you doing this?’ He says he’s trying to build some bridges. He’s looking for forgiveness from his two sons,’" Murphy said. 

The episode will also include Griffith explaining how he carried out the crime and his hesitation before moving forward with it.  "He says that he pulled into the driveway. He says he kills his wife. She did not know that it happened," Murphy explained.

Lead McCracken County Detective Matt Carter talks about the investigation and how Griffith became a suspect. While in jail, Griffith wanted Carter killed, and Murphy explains the conversation Griffith had with the hit man.

"He says ‘What do I do if I get to the home and his family is there?’ Keith allegedly says ‘tragedy,’" Murphy explains from his interview with Griffith. 

Murphy said Griffith didn’t show any remorse. "This is a pretty cold, calculated character," Murphy said.

Griffith entered a guilty plea in January, a week before his second trial was expected to start. He is serving a 25-year sentence. Murphy told Local 6 that Griffith expects to die in prison.

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