Pape addresses ad controversy

From mentions on major news networks to articles online, an ad from Republican Michael Pape is getting a lot of attention.

It’s the first ad in the country aligning a congressional candidate with Republican front runner Donald Trump and his policies. Pape’s running for Kentucky’s first congressional district. 

The ad claims Pape will help Trump build a wall on the Mexican border and help Ted Cruz repeal Obamacare. 

Pape spent Friday afternoon in Paducah at the grand opening of his campaign headquarters. He responded to claims the ad is offensive, even racist. 

"I think when you a conservative message on TV, a lot of liberals out there will try and tear it down and make it something that its not. This is an issue we all have to be concerned about, and we have to work at it to secure our country." Pape said. 

His opponent, James Comer, was also in Paducah Friday. When asked about Pape’s ad, Comer said he will focus on the issues. 

"I mean, he’s way behind in the polls. I’m sure he’s going to try and throw a lot of Hail Marys over the final three weeks. I’m going to talk about the issues. I’m going to talk about how we can grow the economy," Comer said. 

We also reached out to Republican candidate Jason Batts. He didn’t say anything specifically about Pape’s commercial, but did talk about the need to protect our border. 
"Border security is national security.  As a captain currently serving in the Army Reserve, I’ve trained on the border with Mexico and seen first hand the issues we face. We must do better, and that is why this is my top concern." Batts said.

Miles Caughey Jr. is also running for the Republican nomination.

There are 200 days until November’s election, and Kentucky’s primary is May 17.