Interview transcript of alleged SIU racist video creator released

At first, it was kind of funny. Those words come from 19-year-old Joseph Kuzera, who admitted to creating a YouTube video threatening violence on the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale campus.

The video posted in April sparked a protest at SIU Carbondale last month. Through a Freedom of Information Act request, WPSD attained a transcript of an interview with Kuzera and an SIU police officer.

In it Kuzera says some clips in the video came from hidden websites called the deep web. He says he meant to post the video privately to share it with just a few friends.

Kuzera doesn’t go to SIU Carbondale but says he knows a few students there. He says he posted the video as public by mistake and couldn’t figure out how to take it down.

Kuzera also says he didn’t have a political or racial standpoint.

You can read the full police report below this story.