U.S. Senator Rand Paul holds several town halls in western Kentucky

U.S. Senator Rand Paul visited several western Kentucky counties Wednesday to hear what issues you most care about.

He held town halls in Ballard, Carlisle, Graves, Marshall, and Caldwell Counties.

“I’m hearing you on where you want it spent. Tell me where you don’t want it spent because it’s got to be a little bit of both,” Paul said.

One college student in Graves County asked what the focus is for their area and how they can try to build the area up.

“There’s a lot of things we can do for the community lower taxes, less regulations, government smaller so you’re community has more money,” Paul said.

People in Graves County also asked about where federal money for medical research is going and national security

“You know I think safety begins at our own borders and that would be the first place that I would start is that I think you can’t have open borders,” Paul said.    

People in Graves County and Marshall County voiced concerns over VA hospitals and their access to them.

There’s a voucher program meant to give veterans the option of local care if a VA is too far but it sometimes gets misinterpreted.

Paul says they need to work on fixing that or find another solution that gives veterans access to regular care locally.

“I think it’s probably going to be more economical to do local and easier for the veterans not to have to drive,” Paul said.

In Marshall County, people worried about small businesses competing with regulations and overseas competitors.

“Our job is to try and advocate for you. If you have a local business here our job is to try to help you survive, grow, and create more jobs,” Paul said.

Paul also talked about simplifying taxes to encourage corporations to stay in the U.S as well as working to protect our police officers from being shot.