WKCTC students showcase skills during Department of Education official’s visit

West Kentucky Community and Technical College welcomed Kim Ford from the Department of Education Tuesday to show off the campus and students.

Ford is the deputy assistant secretary for management and planning in the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education.

One of the students Ford met was John Spivey, who is studying to become a machinist. He showcased running a machine, a skill he says he didn’t know prior to coming to WKCTC. On the topic of affordability, Spivey says: “There’s no reason to pay higher tuition, housing, food, at a four year university.”

Ford says she got a lot from the tours and from a round table with school leaders on how they get kids in our region into college. “That’s what’s going to come out of it is us understanding more what’s working on the ground,” Ford said.

The goal would be to take things that are working at WKCTC and replicate those methods around the country. Ford says there is is one quality that would be impossible to replicate, and that’s community support. ”It’s very clear people care,” Ford said. “That matters. I mean, it’s an intangible.”