Good Question: What are the best ways to keep mosquitoes away?

Pesky mosquitoes have the power to ruin a summer night. So, what are the best ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you or members of your family? 

It’s something Teresa Gill of McCracken County thinks about on a fairly regular basis. The home where she and her husband live is near a wooded area. The couple has battled the mosquito problem for years. 

We caught up with her while she played with her grandchildren, Emma Kate and Briley, at Noble Park in Paducah. Gill says over the years, she and her husband have tried used a fogger. Spraying repellents on clothes and skin helps, but not always. 

"They’re annoying, but they also, when they bite me and my little grandson, they make big sores and just, yes, it’s very annoying," Gill says. 

Experts say it’s important to remember three things.  First, get rid of stagnant water that could be collecting on toys left on your lawn or plates under your flowerpots. Second, apply repellent —then do it again. Make it part of your daily routine.  Third, dress for success. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing, so be sure to wear lightweight, light-colored clothes that cover your arms and legs.

You can also try planting an anti-mosquito citronella plant. Teresa says what’s worked lately is a DynaTrap device that uses a light to attract mosquitoes and other bugs. 

"They actually go down into the bottom and die down in the bottom of the bug trap. Yeah, that’s OK. That’s fine with me," Gill says. 

To learn more about mosquito prevention click here and click here.   To learn more about DynaTrap products, click here. 

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