Local hospital reports data breach

Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) says they are dealing with a data breach.

They say due to a problem with a company called Experian Health, information on 600 patients was sent to a different medical facility instead of SIH. Experian Health is the company SIH uses to verify patients’ health insurance.

Experian Health says a technical error caused by a server migration project incorrectly sent the information between February 13 and March 13, 2017.

Experian Health notified SIH of the problem on April 28. SIH says the data might include: name; date of birth; gender; address; Medicare ID/HIC number or Member ID number for non-Medicare patients; payer/insurance company name; group policy number; group number; and/or Medicaid case number.

Since the information was sent to another medical facility, workers at SIH believe that data is still protected by HIPPA. They are providing free credit repair and monitoring services to those patients just in case.

Patients affected by this may call 855-259-6436. Click here for more information.

Here is a copy of the letter SIH sent to patients: