Kentucky’s Vick looking to improve on freshman season

There was a seamless transition from McCracken County to Kentucky for former Mustang standout Bailey Vick last season.

As a preferred walk-on, Vick jumped at the chance to put on Wildcat jersey and play in the SEC her freshman season.

“I would always tell my dad if I could just get a jersey on, if I could just have a Kentucky jersey (the coach) wouldn’t even have to pay me anything,” Vick said laughing. “I’ll be the biggest cheerleader ever.”

Turns out Vick’s blue collar approach was a perfect fit in Kentucky’s blue collar program, helping her become much more in her freshman campaign.

“I was told coming in if I work hard I was going to get a shot so I gave it my all,” Vick said.

And with her shot the former McCracken County standout finished with the second highest batting average (.321) on the team while earning a spot on the All-SEC Freshman team. 

Friday afternoon Vick spent her morning working out at Energy Fitness with her long-time performance coach Mario Johnson from Parisi Speed School. Johnson, who has helped coach Vick since the sixth grade, is pushing the former McCracken County standout to even bigger goals.

“You always have to have a goal,” Vick said. “So Mario and I talked about playing at Kentucky even when nobody else was like you’re going to play at Kentucky. Now we have to have a different goal so its Olympics in 2020. That’s our goal right now.”