Sandisk iXpand flash drive fits iPhone lightning charge port

It isn’t often I can honestly call a gadget a game changer. Tech moves fast and new gadgets are coming out every single day, so it’s hard to stand out from the rest. I can honestly say though, that the Sandisk iXpand thumb drive will change your life, if you take photos and videos on an iPhone.

The iXpand drive looks like any other thumb or flash drive except one end of it fits into the lightning charging port of an iPhone or iPad. Because of that connection you can move files from the device to a hard drive much easier than if you were to plug in the phone to a computer.

It backs up the photos and store them on the thumb drive and later download them onto a computer. It works with PCs and Macs.

Here’s how it works. Plug the drive into the phone’s lightning charging port. A companion app will search the iPhone or iPad for photos and videos and will automatically start transferring them to the flash drive. You can set it up so that once the files are moved to the mobile device the iXpand flash drive app will delete the photos from the phone or iPad to make room for others photos.

A 128 GB iXpand drive will hold as many as 30,00 photos taken with an iPhone 7 or 52,000 selfies.

It is a game-changer for anyone who takes photos and videos with their iPhone.

Of course there are other solutions to the problem of needing more storage on a phone. You can upload them to a Google Drive or to a Dropbox but that requires an internet connection.

You can also connect the phone to a computer but that requires you to be near a computer. The iXpand drive is faster than those other choices.

In addition to moving files from an iPhone or iPad to the flash drive, you can move files from the drive to the iPhone and view the photos stored on the drive. I can see how people will want to use the drive to watch movies on an iPad. One home movie that I made is 16gb in size. I can’t move that entire file to my phone to watch later but I can watch it directly from the drive with no buffering and no internet connection.

One of the biggest drawbacks of iPhones and iPads is not being able to move files easily from one device to another. The Sandisk iXpand flash drive solves that problem and is a must-have for any iPhone photographer.

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