Marshall County Schools receive unclaimed money

Do you have unclaimed money? That’s the question Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball answered for the Marshall County School Board. Ball is the commonwealth’s 38th state treasurer, and she said that she realized a year into her term that unclaimed property goes beyond just individuals.

“Every now and then we’ll find there’s a school board or other entity that has money. I love getting to return that, because they’re not going to know, normally, unless I’ve taken a look to find it for them.” Ball said.

Unclaimed property may include suspended checking and savings accounts, credit balances, and other intangible property. It also includes tangible proper such as items left in safekeeping or safe deposit box contents.

The Marshall County School Board ended up with about $5,000 of unclaimed property. The money was returned to the board on Tuesday when Ball presented a check for that amount. Shortly after the board was presented with that check, Superintendent Trent Lovett said the money would be put to good use.

“Several schools were listed, and we’re going to make sure the schools receive the money. It’ll be great for the schools to receive that money; we fight for every penny we can get for our school district. It will give the schools opportunities to do things for their students that they normally wouldn’t be able to do.” Lovett said.

This is one example of an unclaimed property payout and Ball says there’s more unclaimed money out there for others.

“The big thing is that you may actually have unclaimed property. I’m always encouraging people when I go out on the road: Please go to the website, put your name in there. Put your parents’ names in there, your neighbors, folks you go to church with, because there’s a good chance that there’s unclaimed property out there that you just don’t know about, and I want to make sure I get it back to you. Again, it doesn’t belong to the state. It belongs to whoever the owner is, and I want to give it back.” Ball said.

If you think you may have unclaimed property click here.